by Luke Adams

Often our vehicles can have components or parts that are recalled due to safety concerns, we at AWP stay on top of these so we don’t end up selling recalled parts back to the public.

Have you checked your vehicle for manufacturer recalls?

It is becoming more frequent that customers are requesting items we know to be on a manufactures recall list. While we are a business and of course want to make money, we also want to make sure our customers get the best advice and service on the day. This on occasion means losing a sale to advise a customer that they can get the issue rectified by the manufacture in form of a manufactures recall.

What is an automotive recall?

Automotive manufactures on occasion issue vehicle recalls, this can vary from a small piece of interior trim which is deemed as a hazardous item due to sharp edges to the other extreme a mechanical component which can lead to catastrophic component failure.

They are separated into 2 primary categories; voluntary and compulsory.

Voluntary recalls: are when a manufacturer issues a recall to their customers to rectify an item they have deemed as substandard without any form of mediation from any governing body.

Compulsory Recalls: are when a governing body has issued a notice to the manufacture to fix an issue/fault that they feel has not been adequately handled in form of a voluntary recall. This is generally issues that are more serious i.e. safety or road standards related.

In whichever instance the recall is categorised, the manufacturer sends out a notice of recall to the current owner (Owner on file) of the effected vehicle. This is sent via post so if the customer information is incorrect or not current you are generally unaware of the recall.

It is always advised to enquire with the manufacturer periodically to confirm any recall statuses active for the vehicle. This is a simple process, which involves calling your local dealership service number and asking is there are any active recall campaigns present on your vehicle. They will ask for your Vehicle identification Number (VIN) and then check the database and advise.

Some manufactures offer an online Recall search engine which enables you to input your vehicles identification number and get an instant response.

Below are a couple of examples:



Here is a link where you can find out by simply typing in your vehicle, the Australian Department of Infrastructure, transport, regional development, communications and the Arts also has lots of information and up to date news on the latest recalls.


Finally, there is the Takata airbag recall which is still present in which various manufactures have recalled airbags due to a possibility of shrapnel being ejected in the instance of an airbag deployment.

This can be checked on various websites and of course with the vehicle manufacture as mentioned above. The link to an online effected vehicle search engine is included below: