Aircon Regas


Aircon Regas

Over time, your vehicle’s air conditioning unit can diminish from frequent use or leaks. When this occurs, the unit’s cooling capacity declines, making your driving experience less comfortable, especially during summer or hot days. Our air-con re-gassing service restores your vehicle’s air conditioning to optimal performance, ensuring you stay cool on the road.

Importance of Air-Con Regassing For Your Vehicle

Improved Cooling Efficiency
Once your vehicle’s air conditioning system has been regassed, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in cooling efficiency. With a properly re-gassed system, your air conditioner will maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.

Better Air Quality
An efficiently running air conditioning system helps improve the comfort inside your vehicle. Adequate airflow is essential for the system to function optimally. This is done through the cabin filter, commonly overlooked in general vehicle servicing.

The cabin filter plays a crucial role in equalising moisture and humidity from the air brought into the cabin, reducing the likelihood of mould and bacteria buildup.

The cabin filter also contains an antibacterial layer that captures and eliminates germs and pollen, preventing allergies and asthma attacks.

Fuel Efficiency
A poorly performing air conditioning system can place an additional load onto your vehicle’s engine, leading to increased fuel consumption. By re-gassing your air-con, you better optimise your system’s efficiency, which can substantially improve your overall fuel economy.



Part Fitments
We pride ourselves on our expert part fitments. As a team, we work tirelessly to make each component seamlessly integrate with your vehicle. Whether a minor replacement or a significant upgrade, we’ll ensure your parts offer outstanding performance and reliability.